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Rocas Investment

Rocas Investment - Wealth that moves with you.

Rocas Investment is a corporate investment company, rooted in English industrial tradition. With our main activities in the digital trading, cryptocurrency, paper, timber and finance industries, our passion is entrepreneurship - both our own and that of others. Our philosophy is to be active and long term owners, developing businesses through a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and common sense.

We expect high integrity and ethics from ourselves and the people around us. We are dedicated professionals with great ambitions. Our decisions are based on facts and diligent work. Being a respected business partner with a strong and solid corporate identity is essential for us, and we are committed to doing our best in preserving such an image.

We help you grow and prosper through private markets excellence. We invest actively in private markets across investment strategies for the enrichment of society. Our dedicated investment teams and experienced advisor networks develop and implement growth strategies, build international organizations, execute acquisitions and arrange financing.