The team behind your team

You may never meet with them in person, but our more than 7,000
associates play an important role in serving you behind the scenes.


Investing in Development

While financial goals aren't achieved overnight, our right process
and financial expertise can help you.


Leading investment platform

We invest across sectors including energy, digital trading, cryptocurrencies,
healthcare, critical infrastructure, and technology.


Invest is in good hands

At Rocas Investment, we bring high energy and a high sense of purpose to everything we do. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

Strategic alliances

We look for agile, innovative solutions to meet client needs, bringing to the table our technical expertise and commitment to excellence.

Positive impact

In everything we do, we ask ourselves a central question: How can we make a positive impact on our investor's financial development?

Investment Plans



  • Deposit Term: 1 Day
  • Affiliate Bonus: 5%
  • Minimum Deposit : $10
  • Principal Included



  • Deposit Term: 3 Days
  • Affiliate Bonus: 5%
  • Minimum Deposit : $1000
  • Principal Included



  • Deposit Term: 5 Days
  • Affiliate Bonus: 5%
  • Minimum Deposit : $5, 000
  • Principal Included

Why You Should Invest With Us

Each of our operating department has developed a clear Purpose, compelling vision and a differentiated strategy to capitalise on specific trends that underpin its sectors, take advantage of market opportunities, attract talent, optimise resources and invest in requisite assets and capabilities which will deliver profitable growth and build long-term value on a sustained basis.

We provide de-risked solutions that enable us to structure projects pragmatically for accelerated development impact, whilst delivering profitable returns for investors. Rocas Investment will continue to grow and diversify its capital base and funding sources for greater impact on investor's development trajectory.

While never excluding opportunistic projects, we prefer to engage with an ecosystem investment philosophy - a holistic approach where we seek to invest in every step of the value chain of a project. In this way we can actively target exponential results through beneficiation, promotion of industrialisation, and by helping to integrate economies and communities better, while still delivering attractively large ticket sized projects for investors.

Our ability to break free from prevailing trends and our entrepreneurial spirit have made us a European leader in the realm of alternative asset management. Proximity and alignment with our client-investors' interests are the key drivers of our growth, both in Europe and worldwide.

We are alternative asset management and investment specialists, focusing on four key asset classes. Our funds allow investors to achieve attractive long-term returns in private debt, forex trading, cryptocurrency trading, real assets, private equity and capital markets strategies

Organisational design

We have built a team of seasoned investment professionals whose skills and experience are augmented by the enthusiasm of the youthful talent we have attracted to the firm.

Honesty and integrity

Our philosophy is that you should be treated fairly and to give you the best chance for investment success. We serve our investors with integrity and honesty at all time.

Pragmatic value

We assess every opportunity holistically and study the cyclical, structural and socio macroeconomic forces that will shape the environment of our potential investments.